Who we work with

Pollinate has co-produced events in Wales, England, California and New York. Here's some examples of the work they've done. 



Supporting Entrepreneurs who are solving Big F*cking problems. Over the last 18 months Pollinate has helped deliver programs in the US, UK and Asia and manage the UK Community and Events.  


swarm / mission2020

A gathering of 50 fine folk with brilliant minds united together in a 48 Swarm to come up with a new comms strategy for climate change, based on the UN's SD Goals to be carbon neutral by 2030 an bend carbon emissions by 2020. 

Good For Nothing

good for nothing

A growing community of thinkers, makers and tinkerers, finding time to gift their ideas, skills and energy to help accelerate the impact of social innovators, change makers and epic projects of social good.


beese wedding 

Yep, of course Ross and Alice organised their own wedding. This Pollinate event was definitely up there as the most memorable! Featured on the Sylvie and Joan blog  as a beautiful DIY celebration. 


do lectures

A four day ideas festival bringing together the movers and shakers of the world to tell their story and inspire you to DO too. Tenth anniversary next year. Pollinate helped at 6 of them and co-produced 2 of them - both in the US. 



A surf clothing company building sustainable, functional product for those with a love of the sea. Ross and Alice worked on the customer journey, managed the social media, crafted the copy and told their stories for a year.